Speech by Adedoyin Odunfa. MD/CEO Digital Jewels at the Unveiling of the Website during the Entrepreneur's Roundtable event held on Dec. 19 at the Wheatbaker Hotel in Ikoyi. Lagos, Nigeria.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen & compliments of this wonderful season. I welcome you once again to this auspicious occasion on behalf of the Board, management and staff of Digital Jewels & AGDC.

Today, we gather to celebrate in our own small way, the manifold gifts of God in the person of Mrs. Ibukun Awosika. You will agree with me that this indefatigable, amazing, God fearing, warm and wonderful woman is truly worth celebrating as she turns 50. Without doubt, she has impacted lives far more than she herself may ever realize or acknowledge. The documentary showed just a very small snippet of the scope of her influence which has been felt in so many ways by all that have come into contact with her: be it the youths she so passionately encourages and empowers, the female gender she so consistently supports and challenges, the helpless and the lost she so compassionately & holistically caters for: Spirit, soul and body. Today, we bless the name of the Lord as we give Him the glory for this Nation Builder who has served tirelessly on several government related committees in her bid to render her service to the Nation, she loves so much, this global leader and feminine rights crusader, this much sought after board room magnet, this inspirational high achiever, this energetic, indeed indefatigable woman of God who has dared to tread the road less travelled with boldness, with courage, with audacity: the road of integrity, the road of entrepreneurship, the road of tireless giving, the road of whole hearted service, the road of.... Faithfulness to her God and to her Nation.

"Those who know me...", know I am typically not given to much expression and definitely not to flattery so I am being entirely sincere. Those who know Mrs. Awosika know, my statements so far have been but a gross under-estimation of who she really is.

So in thinking about how to celebrate her as she turns 50, we got the inspiration for this forum: to put her in her the midst of those she has given so much to, but this time, so we can just appreciate her. Appreciating people in their lifetime is so important, all too often, we wait until it is too late.
We got another inspiration... To capture some of the journey, the impact, the accomplishments, even the challenges of our wonderful mentor on a medium that shares some of her wonderful characteristics: dynamism, accessibility, interactivity, adaptability, scalability... amongst others.
We decided to develop a website in her honour... Quite honestly, I'm not sure we quite knew what we set ourselves up for: we thought we knew her....? No way... The process of developing the site was as much a learning experience for us as I hope exploring it will be for you...
So the website, I must warn, is still work in progress - but therein lies the secret: it's ability to grow as she grows, to continuously chronicle her exploits as we know that her best days are still ahead.

So we urge you to join us in this journey, all I will be able to do today, in the interest of time, is show you some highlights: I urge you to visit, review, contribute, keep it alive.

As I move to walk through the website, it's important to emphasize our two simple but very profound objectives for developing it: the first & most import is to give back Glory to God by attesting to His grace, Favour and goodness in her life, recognizing without a doubt that He is the Rock on which she stands, the Pillar that holds her life, her Lord, her Source, her Owner, her Sustainer. The second reason is to encourage others: to let people know that with God all things are possible. That is is possible for you to run a business ethically in Nigeria and still be successful; that is possible for you to speak out for what you believe in, even when the message is unacceptable to many and be sought after, not despised by the corporate giants and powers that be; that it is possible to give selflessly and not go broke. That it is possible to still do exploits in Nigeria of today in a principled way and triumph.

I should also mention that Mrs. Awosika has not seen the site, and really knows very little about what we've been up to. Indeed, although we needed her permission to embark on this, quite honestly, she gave it very grudgingly and only after being convinced about our motives as outlined above. So Ma, I hope you will be pleasantly surprised....

Please join me as we unveil www.ibukunawosika.org.

Kind Regards
Adedoyin Odunfa
Managing Director/CEO