Kehinde Sogunle:About Bili Adekola now Ibukun Awosika

Bilkis Adekola as we knew Ibukun Awosika when she joined Akintola Williams & Co, Kano as an Audit Trainee about 27 years ago is an enterprising and energetic personality. She revealed her multifaceted promise in the various strides and accomplishments over the years. She is at home with every body from every class and clime.

Being the only lady then in one of the staff quarters, she related so well with the guys who were struggling to develop professionally and keep their life in balance. With a keen focus on a successful and fulfilling life of impact she quickly identified the opportunity of setting up a gym and a salon for the newbreed of professionals and businessmen in Kano then.

Bili would recall her quick wit and confidence in dealing with two potentially challenging situations when she was anchoring a programme at Oduduwa Hall, Ife and there was a stampede that led to some students death. The other one was when the wife of one of our clients called in to find us working on the accounts in the private library. A place she least expected a lady to pick the phone.

I have always been proud to identify with and recognise her successes in her endeavours watching her progress as she grew the Chair Centre as a neighbour to RestraL Consulting at Oyin Jolayemi or listening to her backward integration Furniture Village to the Ogun State Executive Council and knowing that she is the inspiration behind the After School Graduate Development Centre and the Ignite programme. Congratulations Bili and Blessed be art thou amongst women and indeed men!

If it is to be, it is up to us!
Do good! Do Right Always!

Kehinde Sogunle
Former Commissioner for Finance
Ogun State
Leadership Development, Integrity Systems,
Financial Management and Economic Development Professionals